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The grand-master of the occultic group I belong to, told me never to help any member of my family, that I can only help outsiders – Man reveals

A Young wealthy man whose name is Ibekwe Michael told a reporter that he has lived his life as a millionaire in regrets that he never knew it Will turn out like this to an extent of not helping his own people.

According to Ibekwe Micheal he said: I lived my early life as poor and wretched boy nothing was going for me i tried all i could do for my poor parents to live happily after all they went through bringing me up to this level. Am the only child of my parents in my quest to make money and also make my parents proud i met this wicked.

He took me to the temple to meet the grand master of the occultic group who told me that i have made the right choice to be here. He told me to go and look for a cool hotel to lodge as i expect my millions to flow in. He called me three times and told me that am already a millionaire but Warned me never to give any of my close relatives or my parents above #500. that am free to give outsiders 10 million everyday if i wishes to.That if i do otherwise i will be strucked with madness.

I was shocked to hear that, I told him am no longer interested to be rich he laughed and said to me my dear it’s not a child’s play that it’s too late to say no, that i should go and wait for my millions, I left the temple crying like a little baby.

I got to the hotel room stayed for over 1 hour the grand master appeared and tell me to open the wardrobe as he disappeared, I opened the wardrobe and discovered it was filled with money and that was how i started enjoying wealth.

While speaking with Newsmen he said he really wants to go back to his poor life instead of being rich and can’t help my parents. As it stands now my parents are seriously sick and i can’t do anything about it despite all the money i have.

I pray God will deliver me one day he said.

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