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I took my 4 kids to the hospital for DNA test but what happened afterwards make me claim them by faith – Man writes

Dioxyribonucleic Acid test is a test that is used for ascertaining the blood relationship of individuals. It is basically used in determining who the father of a child is as its contents are distinct features that runs through the blood line.

The case of paternity in Nigeria is on the rise. The rape saga is actually blowing many wrappers off women’s waists and men are being dragged out of their couches.

The case is one the rise, how married women have babies for different men in their marital homes while the husband is unaware, claiming to be the father of strangers.

Some have babies for their ex boyfriends, some for their pastors, some for their neighbors and a host of others for their gateman.

It sounds awkward but it is happening.

That was how Mr. Chidi Okafor, after listening to these stories went home and became restless.

He could not tell wether any of his kids is his or not and his mind kept tricking him.

Lucky enough, his wife left for work the next morning and he was alone with the kids. So he hurriedly prepared his four kids and drove them to a far away general hospital for a DNA test.

He shared his experience to a Facebook page he belonged on how he went about the test.

His post partly reads: “Ever since the DNA issue was raised, I became restless.”

“Just yesterday morning immediately my wife left for work, I quickly prepared my for children, drove them to a general hospital far away from home for DNA…”

“Not until I was told the cost for each, I gently took my kids back to the car and claimed to be their father by faith.”

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