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See what a driver was given after he returned 1 million he found by the roadside

A Man recognized as Mallam Kiri Umaru is native of Yobe who has been a commercial driver for so long as he said.

Mallam Umaru said he was traveling from Dapchi to Gashuwa on a fateful day and he saw a bag by this roadside and decided to stop his car and see what is in the bag.

He picked the bag, he founded a huge amount of money and he hid the bag without telling any of his passengers.

As he arrived as Gashuwa, he gives the bag to the National union of road transport agency to investigate and give it to the rightful owner.

After the Owner was founded and handle over his money, one of the union officers said that honest driver, Mallam Kiri was offered 20,000 as a reward.

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