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Alex Kueng; The officer involved in George Floyd murder in a Nigerian

Alexander J Kueng, age 26 years old, is the youngest of the officers charged with two felonies. Counts: aiding and abetting 2nd-degree murder & aiding and abetting 2nd-degree manslaughter of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US.

On May 25th, 2020. Alex Kueng (badge number 1385) One of the four officers was arrested for George Floyd’s Murder.

He was later granted bail for 700,000 dollars, which raised heads and questions were asked who made the bail and where did the money come from. He was later seen shopping freely in a mall of the town after his release.

A local woman in Minnesota recorded him and asked if he feels sorry for what he did to George Floyd, but it seems the ex cop was more interested in his business in the mall and made it clear to the lady holding the camera.

Alex Kueng was born in a family of five by a white Mum and a Nigerian father, his name was undisclosed because of the racial implication.

Joni Kueng is the mother of Alex, she’s a school teacher in the city of Minnesota Minneapolis, she taught in the school her son Alex attended.

She narrated that Alex hated how the police treated the people of color in their neighborhood and had always wanted to make a change which prompted him to become a police officer.

The incident and death of George Floyd caused quite a stir in the family Kueng’s because the said family is a mixed one. Mrs Kueng who always avoided racial dialogues is the only white in the family while the husband and the children are black and Nigerian to be precise.

Because the children are of the father’s descent, she can’t openly have a conversation related to race or people of color.

In an interview she said she finds it hard to believe that Alex was in involved in such a brutality that even led to manslaughter.

According to a Twitter handle who also confirmed Kueng’s descent to be Nigerian in a tweet showed how a police officer with the name Carol Horne was fired because she prevented a white cop colleague from performing the same chokehold that killed George Floyd on another offender.

Alex Kueng was popular in school and in his neighborhood. He stood up against bullying and injustice, but this recent incident that warranted his arrest and dismissal from the police force changed how people view him now as a person and his family included.

His sister uploaded the video of George Floyd’s last minute on earth on her social media and lamented the word “this broke my heart.” She also said in her post that her brother is African American himself, why didn’t he prevent his colleague from choking George Floyd to death.

From my research I sourced her birth name to be Radiance Kueng, Radiance made it clear that she’s going to make changes to her name, the reason being she doesn’t want to be associated with anyone capable of murder.

In her eyes her brother Alex Kueng is a murderer, and she doesn’t want to be associated with such a person and as family.

I also gathered that it was Alex Kueng’s third day at work on the day of the incident that led to George Floyd’s death. Alex was a rookie cop, while Derek Chauvin the man whose knee was pressed hard on George Floyd’s neck was a Veteran in the Minnesota Minneapolis Police Force for 19 years.

I don’t know how police authority is ranked in the US, but to Radiance her brother Alex was supposed to do something when George Floyd was dying.

She wrote again, ”even if it was his third day at work he was supposed to the right thing.”

Alex also checked George Floyd’s neck for pulse when Derek Chauvin aborted his chokehold. And declared George Floyd has no pulse, ”I can’t find nothing he said.” 

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