“He said all he needed was fun, so I made him spend and ran away” – Lady shares her experience with a married man


A Bayelsa lady shares her experience with a man she just met for the first time. See what she wrote below.

“He Said All He Needed Was Fun, So I Made Him Spend And Ran Away” According to her, she said “He Bought Drinks And Drugs To use in sleeping with her”

The lady told her story of how she met with a married man earlier yesterday. She said she met him just today and he asked to sleep with her. “He said all he needed was sex so I charged him 20k”, she said.

According to her, that he cried out that the 20k thousand Naira was too much and that he was going to pay 7 thousand Naira, she negotiated that she will do it for 10 thousand Naira, and finally the man agreed.

And so, they decided to go to a hotel. On their way, she told him she was hungry, he spent 2k for her food. They got to the hotel, he paid 6k to book a room, bought drinks and drugs he would use for his work. According to her everything amounted to 11k.

He was all set for action, then she told him she should first be paid before her services, and agreed and counted 10k cash and handed to her. Before he could realize what was happening, she was gone.

She said she decided to do what she did because she wanted to make him know that not all girls are cheap. So she made away with his money without any services.

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