I cheated on my husband to raise N2million to save him from going to jail – Lady

My husband and I have been married for over seven years with three kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. He works as a marketer in one of the leading banks in Nigeria while I took up a teaching job.

Life was fine as we were both earning substantial amounts enough to offset bills and responsibilities. Things were going on well until my husband started acting strange all of a sudden.

He came home one night looking troubled. I was worried and at the same time terrified. He went into the bedroom disregarding the welcome greetings from me and the children. Out of fear and concern, I walked up to him to inquire what was wrong. He shouted at me to stop bothering him. I left the bedroom in confusion.

The following morning, he left for work in a hurry without taking his breakfast or speaking a word. This strange attitude left me lost in thoughts at work as I was unable to figure out what the issue was. All these continued for days and whenever I tried to get him to talk about it, he snapped at me.

One afternoon, he dashed home from work in a frantic manner. I was shocked to see him panting in fear. He instructed that I should pack my things and those of our kids, that we were leaving the house. I couldn’t comprehend why he wanted us to leave all of a sudden without prior discussion.

I demanded from him to tell me what was going on and why he wanted us to leave as if we were running from something. He gave me a frightening look and shouted at me to do as instructed. Out of fear, I ran into the bedroom to pack our belongings. He called from the parlour that he wanted to get something down the street and that I should be ready before he returned.

I waited for hours and he never returned. I became worried and went in search for him but no one seemed to have seen him. His lines were unreachable. A lot of evil thoughts started running through my mind.

It was in this state that I received a call from an unknown number. The call was made from a police station and the caller informed me that my husband was in their custody for alleged theft and criminal act. I was shaking to my feet at the bad news and tears were flowing uncontrollably.

I begged our neighbours to look after my children while I dashed quickly to the station. At the station, I was told that my husband scammed one of his clients to the tune of N2million and also fraudulent transactions were traced to his bank account. The bank were he works was alerted and investigations were carried out and findings revealed that the allegations were true.

How did he get into this mess? His bank accounts were frozen. His employer disengaged him from service and now he was being charged to court and if found guilty, might go to jail for a very long time. What was I to do?

I pleaded with the DPO on the possible way out and he told me that if I’m able to convince the client to drop the charges against him, then my husband might be released with minor charges. Out of kindness, the DPO gave me the office address of the client and I went to see her the following day.

I pleaded with the woman to have mercy on me and my children and drop the charges. She told me that the only way she’d let go was if my husband returned her N2million within the next two days as the case was being transferred to court the third day.

I went home crying with no way out. How do I get such an amount? I have just little cash on me. I called some of his friends and relatives but none were able to help. My children were devastated at the sudden absence of their dad. How will I bring myself to explain to them that their father was arrested and would be jailed?

I have just 2 days to get the cash or risk letting him go to jail. I love my husband so much and couldn’t bear seeing him in such predicament. I was left with no other option of getting the money than to ask my rich ex-boyfriend, Jerry. I know he hated me for breaking up with him because of his excesses and marrying someone else.

I called Jerry and he was glad to hear from me. I couldn’t tell him about my husband’s state. I lied to him that I needed his help for a sum of N2million. At first, he laughed at me for coming out of nowhere to beg for such an amount but after much plea, he told me to meet him at his place that evening.

I went over to his duplex and he offered me wine but I refused. I told him I was there for the money and I needed it urgently. He looked at me and told me that he was willing to give me a cheque for N2million if I agree to have a one-off affair with him. I stood up in anger and told him that I can never sleep with him and reminded him that I was married. Out of anger, I left his apartment and went home.

I met my children at home crying and requesting to see their dad. I couldn’t bear it. No one else was willing to help except Jerry but with a condition. I asked myself if the sacrifice was too much to make for a man I loved, who was the father of my 3 children. The answer I got within me was NO. So, I reluctantly accepted Jerry’s condition and went over to his place the following day. He slept with me and gave me the N2million.

I took the money to the client in the company of a police officer. The client called her lawyer to drop the charges. My husband was granted bail and we went home.

On our way home, rather than thanking me wholeheartedly, my husband demanded how I got the money for his bail. I simply ignored him. Days later, my ex-boyfriend called and requested that I see him again but I refused. He kept on calling and threatened to blackmail me. I was scared.

I wanted to get off the guilt from my mind and stop his blackmail, so I told my husband about it. I was shocked by his reaction. He called me a cheat, adulterer and all sort of names. He threatened to send me packing out of his house because of what I did.

I just realised the folly of my decision. I did it because of my love for him. How could my husband be so callous? I can’t bear the shame if the truth of what I did get out. Will people understand the sacrifice I made for him? I thought I was saving my husband but now I’m losing him.

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