Meet Auwalu Uba, the man who got married to his sister

Hannatu Mohammed and her husband Auwalu Uba are cousins and have been married for 22 years now with nine children.

In Kano, northwest Nigeria where they live, it’s a normal thing for one to marry their cousin in line with the laid down culture and Islamic religion which most of the people are following.

According to Hannatu, she said she is enjoying her marriage with Auwalu Uba who is her husband and also said that this has increased the bond and unity in her extended family.

His father and my father are brothers which made us cousins, my aunt Hajiya Delu was the first person to suggest the marriage to our parents and they liked the idea.

Auwalu on his own part said at first they were in love with some other persons but for the sake of family’s unity they had to forfeit the relationship.

“I once had a girl that I was in love with and she too had a guy that she once loved, but when our parents told us about their plan, we talked about it, she liked me and so did I and that was how released our former relationship and i am happy we did”, Auwalu Said.

Auwalu also added that “there was a fight that one ensued between them but instead of her to go to her father’s house she wen to his own father’s house since they are one family and that was how the family resolved the matter on time”.

Finally, Auwal said that the marriage between cousins is a nice one and if there is love in the marriage will certainly not lead to wife killing husband and husband killing wife which is happening in some parts of the country.

Countries that allows the marriage between cousins:

United Kingdom- many countries in Europe allows the marriage between cousins including the country of Queen Elizabeth and even though some persons are against it, there is no law of ban attached to it.

United States- some states in United states of America like New York, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas also allows the marriage between cousins. in total, 26 out of 50 states in US allows first cousins to marry each other.

Australia- this is yet another country that allows the marriage between first cousins. for some states in the country, persons are allowed to even marry their uncle, aunt, niece or nephew as well.

Japan- This country also allows marriage between first cousins although there has been a report that the practice has reduced in recent years.

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