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From Keke rider to a millionaire – Man shares his success story

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his story on how he moved from being a Keke Napep driver to a multi millionaire.

Read story below;

My name is Musa Auta. I was born and grown up in Kaduna. I am 29 years old

I had the privileged of attending private school which I managed to acquired the basis knowledge sponsored by my mother.

My mother was a tomatoes seller then which she pledge to spent her last resort in other to send us to school. I used to visit her in the market after school hours to help her with the errand work as usual.

One day, one of her customers insisted to buy me a motorcycle to start Okada Business.

From okada to keke napep which I managed to sponsored my self in the university. From keke napep, a friend introduce me to clothing business. I will go to his shop and carry 1 or 2 clothes and be calling customers to buy from me.

At times I will sell one cloth daily or 2 cloths, and I will be saving what I gained .

In two years, I managed to save 600k and started buying the cloth in bulk using my keke napep or motorcycle to be going field by fields where guys use to gather and watch football.

From there the business attracted people which in so doing I became a millionaire.In a nutshell I am a successful business man with 3 cars and 2 houses.

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