I just proposed to her and she accepted, I’m I doing the right thing? – 24-year-old boy ask as he propose to a 65-year-old white lady

A Facebook user that goes by the name, Abuchi Uzoigwe just shared engagement pictures of a 65 year old woman with her 24 year old Fiance. Many people were shocked when they saw the pictures because this is something unimaginable. This is becoming a trend as young African men prefer getting married to elderly white women for one reason or the other.

Abuchi didn’t disclose their names but they look really happy together. White women seems to pick interest in young African men these days. Most people go against it because they believe the relationship will not yield positive results. After posting the pictures, many people didn’t hesitate to drop their comments.

See their reactions below.

Although, everybody has the freedom to date and marry whoever they want regardless of their age but most people believe that the main reason why these young men are getting married to elderly women is because of their riches. These young men knows that an elderly woman at the age of 65 is already on a death sentence.

See more pictures below;


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