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Meet Islamic cleric who specializes on converting Christians using Biblical verses

Yusuf Adepoju is a well known Islamic cleric known throughout the country and the world.

He is a well educated and super intelligent, he scores high grades in whatever he goes into.

He was born and brought up into the family of Alhaji Adepoju in 1975 in ilobu, Osun State.

His His both parents are known to be retired principals, he started his elementary and secondary education in Osun State. He however further went to study Physics Electronics at the Federal University Of Technology Akure Ondo State, and graduated in 2001 with good grades.

Because of his quest for the knowledge of God, he subsequently went to study the Bible with the main purpose of becoming a religious scholar.

He founded an organisation known as ACADIP, the organisation gives public and private lectures throughout the country and beyond borders.

They frequently give other religious members the opportunity to debate with them.

Adepoju has converted several Christians using Biblical verses.

He also challenges church leaders but many are afraid to face him because they might disappoint their followers.

He arrests the attention of his followers with his mastery of the holy books.

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