Muslim Imam, Dan Musa marries a Christian lady after they both fell in love

Muslim imam in northeast Nigeria, married a Christian woman after both had an affair with each other.

In Baure village, a small village in Kastina State, Dan Musa well-recognized man in one of the mosques Baure villages had tied Nanook in marriage with one of the Christian women living in the village according to Star news.

“For quite some time now, I have been seeing both of them together around Dan Musa’ house and sometimes, the woman usually visit but I do not know that their wedding will be so soon like this because I have observed that Dan Musa like this woman a lot, I do not know what he sees in her.” A friend of Dan Musa said.

Though, before they both got married, the woman is already pregnant for Dan Musa, it is so obvious that everyone could see the baby bump on her. According to Star News

After their wedding, Dan Musa has given thanks to his community for their cooperation and massive support during his wedding with the Christian woman.

“I truly appreciate the support of everyone that contributed massively for the finance of this wedding, I thank all my fellow Imams for coming out during this time that everything is hard, I thank my fellow Muslims and I thank my new wife also. May Allah keep and protect us all.” Dan Musa said