Northern man converts to Christianity, speak on the hate and death threats he has been receiving

Meet Musa B. Musa, who was born into a Muslim home, but has just recently converted to Christianity. Musa revealed that, he has faced several challenges since his conversion and he believes God will see him through.

The new convert took to his Twitter page to explain that in the history of his family, he is the first and only Christian. This decision of his has attracted hate more on him, which has equally made many of his people have deny him for being a Christian.

However, Musa seems overjoyed by his new found faith, and also disclosed the travails he has been facing since his conversion few months ago.

“Hating me and insulting me will never change my mind because I was fully convinced by the holy spirit to accept Christ, and Jesus have made it clear to us that we are not of the world and at the cause of that we will be hated by the world, your insults & hatreds are nothing to me.” Musa wrote.

Musa B. Musa further promised to always carry out God’s work despite the death threats he has been receiving as a result of his conversion.

He also added; “Nigerian constitution have given us the right to practice a religion of our own choice but I don’t know why people from my former religion are always threaten to take my life because I converted to Christianity, I want to assure you that if I live is for Christ if I die is a gain.”