See photos of the prison where Hushpuppi is kept and some facts about the prison

Nigerian big boy known as Hushpuppi and his cohorts were recently arrested by the INTERPOL for internet fraud amounting to over 45million dollars. He was arrested with some of his associates, one of them is called Woodberry. Woodberry is reported to be sick, after just spending few days in the detention. It is reported that they are being held in a private prison known as “Moshannon Valley”, which is owned by the GEO group. It is located at Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. It is said to accomodate about 1,780 male prisoners who were arrested for financial crimes and fraud. It was opened in the year 2006.

The prison allows only family and friends, whose names are on the visiting list, to come visit the inmates. A backgroud check will be run on the names after the visit.

It will interest you too know that they are in a very good prison, which is different from an average prison which is full of gangsters.


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