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Man demands refund after he mistakenly transferred N1.9million into a wrong bank account

A man is currently in a dilemma after he said he mistakenly transferred the sum of N1.9 million from his Guaranty Trust Bank account into an inactive Diamond/Access bank account while at the same time asking how he will get his money bank.

The man who goes by the name Adeyemi Saint with the twitter handle @SaintAdeyemi, said on Thursday, July 9, that he decided to send the money into the Diamond Access bank account of a relation but due to a mistake he made in the figures of the account number, the money was sent into a wrong account.

Adeyemi said he decided to raise the alarm about the matter because for about a week after the money was transferred, he was yet to get his money back.

Displaying the transaction details, the man said on his twitter handle: “Dear @myaccessbank, I mistakenly transfered N1.9 million to a wrong account from my @gtbank_help account.

“I’ve been informed that the wrong account I send N1.9m to is inactive. How do I get my money back? It’s been almost a week now. Screenshots below.

“I have done the needful, I have sent mail, sent text, visited both @gtbank @gtbank_help and @myaccessbank. I have even fill form at @gtbank.”

However, his bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, on Thursday evening replied him, saying it had sent him a direct message concerning the matter.

According to the twitter handle of Guaranty Trust Bank Help @gtbank_help: “Hello, Thank you for talking to us. We have sent you a Direct message regarding your complaint and we await your response. Regards.”

Acknowledging the message, the man responded that he had replied the messages sent to him by the GTB, asking them to reply him too.

He said: “Dear @gtbank_help @gtbank_help, please reply to your direct message.”

Some people who commented on twitter gave him some pieces of advise.

itopa @ItopAmo said: “Go and get a Court Order and the bank will reverse it immediately. This is the surest way to go about it.”

#TroubleNobody @abeembohlah: “Send an email to @gtbank or visit nearest branch immediately. That’s your bank not @myaccessbank.”

Bants-a-maker Dante™ [email protected]: “Happened to me once, mine was an inactive Skye Bank and N60,000. Had to get a court injunction from a court in Delta State before the bank listened to me…like I had to go to court, get lawyer, stand and explain things to a judge. It took seven months.”

Oluwatobi Great III @MrGreatt: “It’s inactive doesn’t mean the account has been closed. Money can still enter the account. The owner would need to reactivate the account to access the funds.”

Tha Viper @ThaViper4: “Account number and name match. Inactive means dormant, so money will enter but not withdrawable.They’d need to find the owner, (s)he would activate the account and then give the bank permission to refund.”

Ibrahim Opeola @ibrahimopeola: “Dormant accounts receive credit transactions but they can’t do debiting ones. It happened to me last week. Someone sent money into my dormant IBTC acct. I went there to reactivate it in order to withdraw the cash. They requested plenty documents, I wrote a closure of account instantly.”

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