Actress Nuella Njubigbo reacts as her husband, Tchidi Chikere adopts his childhood nanny

Veteran Nollywood director, producer, film maker and singer, Tchidi Chikere took to his official social media page to announce that he has decided to adopt his childhood nanny, aunty Maureen and his actress wife, Nuella Njubigbo has reacted to that.

Tchidi shared a couple of photos with the said nanny as they posed beside his car as he lavished words of appreciation and praise on her for taking good care of him (Tchidi) as a kid. He compared her to the kind of nannies we have in the world of today who are characterized by terrible attitudes and evil minds.

“I’ve seen what many nannies do to kids these days…I didn’t go through any of that meaness in your hands. Just have to say, God bless you, Aunty Maureen. Will make sure you don’t lack,” parts of his post reads.

Reacting to the gesture by her hubby, Nuella Njubigbo took to the comment section to react with three love emojis. Obviously showing her support and happiness over her hubby’s action and reciprocation.

It wasn’t just his wife who is happy at the gesture by the movie director, even some of his colleagues in Nollywood have reacted as well.

“So touching, please take care of her,” Ijay Fabrics wrote.

“Great full heart,” Jane Jones081 wrote.

Actress Esther Ene praised Aunty Maureen for being a good nanny while also emphasizing that there are still good nannies like her, “God bless you Aunty Maureen. There are still very good nannies like her. God bless them all.”

“God bless her,” actress Chizzy Alichi reacted just some others below…

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