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“Mummy calm down”, the mother of that boy should be arrested – Kemi Olunloyo

Popular Nigerian controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted the viral video captioned “Mummy Calm Down” saying that its a disgusting video of child abuse.

She took to her social media page to blow hot on the Child’s mother, she wrote:

“#mummycalmdown is a disgusting video of child abuse. In the United States the child would have been taken away to DSS custody for emotional abuse. Department of social services will make the mother a weekly visitor to her child. The person filming is an idiot.

“This is what is known as EMOTIONAL ABUSE. It makes a child defensive. This child may end up a wife beater. Nigerians are laughing insulting me on Twitter. Don’t try to insult me here. Learn what happens when you get to your dream country America🙄”

“‘Mummy Calm Down video’ mom said she doesn’t know how it got leaked to the internet. You or someone next to you videotaped your child being emotionally abused by you on a phone and you still don’t know how that got online? Bullshit liar!

“Go see the governor for your big break. Pray he comes home with you. If you know, you know. Three diplomatic missions also watched the video shocked. Nigerians are foolishly praising their emotionally abusive culture that raises Yahoo boys, Terrorists, Kidnappers and cultists. Think outside the box. That video could cost the mother a lot in the future.

“This is not stardom or blowing. Learn about EMOTIONAL ABUSE. It is a form of domestic violence. The mother may not be able to get a job relating to children, may lose employment opportunities, may be denied travel visas etc etc. Now as always every dumb Nigerian is following the trend screaming “calm down” as if it’s a new phrase. You guys at home are totally fucked up with your follow follow mentality and this why you never progress.”

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