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Good Samaritan rescues 12-year-old Girl married to an old man in Delta (Video)

Child marriage is one of human right abuse most people engage their children into.
Some gives out their child because of hardship. Incapability to see the young child through feeding or going to school.

In other to free themselves of the Burden, they gives out their children to people who can take care of them in excharge of serving as a house help or to be a wife.

Unfortunately, many people gives out young girls below the age of 18 to marry men who are old enough to be their father

Parents engaging in this kind of act are mostly found in rural areas of our country.

Today a Video Surfaced online showing moment a Nigerian man rescued a young girl married to an old man in Asaba, Delta state.

The concerned man got notified about a man caging a 12-year-old girl as his wife in one of the streets of Asaba and went to rescue her.

Torixus sighted the man behind the camera saying that he will get those involve in the inhuman act arrested.

Watch the Video Here

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