“I just want a date with you even if it’s just once, all bills on me” – Twitter slay queen begs man to give her a chance

Twitter is one social media platform that is full of dramas. Each and every other day, a drama or two must come out of the bird App. From all sorts of funny “challenges” to funny hashtags etc.

Recently, there was a trend where twitter users post their pictures and that of their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend with a tag “The face (with their picture underneath it), The Boy/Girlfriend” (with the picture of their partner underneath it.

A twitter slay queen Sandra whose username name is Adorabume participated in the trend, posted her picture and that of another twitter guy (who we later discovered was never her boyfriend) and tagged it “The Face” The Boyfriend”. The man (Sanjay) whose picture Sandra used called her out and said, “I don’t even know you.”

Sandra apologized for her post and went ahead to please with the guy, to have a date with her while she takes care of the bills

“I’m sorry for the previous post. I just want a date with you even if it’s just once and let’s see where that leads us. All bills on me, kindly consider pretty boy”

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