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Nigerian man who has worked in US prison, shares what Huspuppi is likely to face in jail (Photos)

A United States based, Nigerian Man, Akara Oku, who said he once worked worked in one of the toughest prisons in America for a year, took his Facebook page to detail how the American prison looks like, the difference between theirs and the Nigerian prison system and also what Hushpuppi and his partner, Woodberry are likely to face in prison.

He further revealed that Hushpuppy is being held up at Metropolitan Correctional Centre, Chicago, which is the home of one of the toughest gangs in United States. He said in the Nigerian prison system, with the right money, one can buy the guards and they will be at the person beck and call, and that a person in the Nigerian prison system, can live like a king in prison, can use a phone, get high whenever they want and can have a special room.

But for a person in American prison, money can’t do much for the person, except to buy things like radio, touchlight and puzzle from the commissary and maybe sometimes, to buy drugs from fellow inmates. He also revealed that he should brace up for racism and as newbies, they are likely to get stabbed because they are vulnerable and that whenever their soap falls down, they should leave it there because they are likely to get ‘sodomized’.

He further revealed that because their crime was targeted at the country, that the law enforcement agencies are definitely going to make their lives a living hell and that they will definitely succeed, because majority of them are racists, and when the inmates finds out what really brought them in prison, they are going to be subjected to constant jumping (attacks and beatings). He went further to reveal, that they are also going to face racism from African Americans too, because it will be very difficult for them to meet Nigerians in prison.

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