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How can I invite you for Sallah and you steal my Dad’s Apple watch – Man calls out his friend

So many strange occurrences have been happening these few days, Nigerians can be very dramatic. The saying that, “their is no honor amongst thieves” hold true in this story.

A man narrates how his friend invited someone over for Sallah celebration and they person stole his Dad’s watch. In his post, he said, “Some of you are very mannerless and don’t have sense.

How can your friend invite you to his house to come and celebrate Sallah with him, offered you drink, food and meat and the only way to repay him was stealing his Dad’s Apple Watch.”

This has sparked alot of emotions on Twitter as NIGERIANS react to this alleged robbery. Some said a thief will always be a thief while others blamed him for the kind of company he keeps. Below are some of the reactions to this post.


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