Meet the African monarch who fathered the most children in the world, he had 888 children

Sultan Moulay Ismail ibn sharif was the second ruler of Alaouite dynasty, Morocco. He is known as one of the greatest father in the world, having birthed a whooping 888 children.

Moulay Ismail ruled Ottoman Empire from1672-1727. Records couldn’t keep count of the number of women he was married to or had intercourse with that resulted to him birthing such amount of children within the space of 55 years which he lived.

He was known for his strong physique and his energetic lifestyle and also a warrior.

It is said that his descendants are scattered all over the world. 0.5% of men in the world are said to be the descendant of Moulay Ismail.

Till date he still holds the Guinness World Record for the most children fathered by a man

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