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See photos of the Lord’s Chosen pastor who impregnated two sisters

Earlier, we reported that the Police Command paraded a Living Faith Pastor in Egbema for defiling a girl of 11, the daughter of a fellow pastor who accommodated him for the time being before he gets his own apartment.

Again! Another pastor is at it. This one didn’t not mess up one girl but two underage girls from same parents.

This man whose picture appeared above is Nduka Anyanwu. He is a pastor in the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Church in Canaan Land Branch, Oshodu, Lagos state. This pastor $exxually defiled two sisters aged 13 and 17 who was brought to him for prayers. The pastor said they have evil spiritual marks on their bodies and that the only way to repel those marks is to have carnal knowledge of them.

The girls refused but their parents insisted. The younger one said the pastor started sleeping with her since she was 9 years and the older, since she was 16.

Now, this pastor had impregnated the both of them. He wants the younger one to aborts hers and the older to keep hers because he wants to marry her.

Drama however ensued when a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation and Child Advocates and Vulnerable Person’s Network tried to get him arrested with the help of policemen from Makinde Police Station,Oshodi.

When the consent of the parents of these girls was required for the arrest of this pastor, they adamantly refused the arrest of the abuser because he is a man of God and has already promised to marry their older daughter.

However, he was eventually arrested by the determined police officers who refused to be compromised. Thanks to the DPO of Makinde Police Station and his able and gallant police officers!

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