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I dare Freeze to speak against Islamic clerics if he has the balls – Writer slams Daddy Freeze

Nigerian born Romance Writer, Spoken word artiste and Relationship adviser, Mr Awesome has slammed the Nigerian on air personality, Activist and Preacher Daddy Freeze over his comments against Bishop David Oyedepo on his sermon last week.

He wondered why Daddy freeze only have balls to attack Christains and men of God, and not Islamic clerics or the government policies. He also condemned freeze for insulting a father and not expecting his son to react.

Here’s his post below.

“Christainity is way too Peaceful and hence the abuse. Someone should tell Freeze to open the same mouth and Criticize Islamic clerics or speak against the rash government policies we’re all enduring like this 👌for just one day. Just small like this 👌

Because it’s Christainity, he’ll open his mouth “Waaahhh” and talk nonsense to a father who is old enough to be his real father and our yeyebrities have now suddenly started speaking up and condemning a Son who is standing in for his father. Nonsense and ingredients. weaklings who know not the good use of fame.

Before you cast a stone at the Man of God, let me remind you, any day, anyone opens their mouth to insult my father to my hearing…. Any way! I’ll see those he is survived by in court when I’m arraigned for the actions I’ll likely take. How would you dare insult a Father to his son’s hearing. Did you hear he was barren? What was freeze expecting? Business as usual?

No Legitimate Son watches his father being humiliated and not fight back..

You don’t like his sermon, fine. But what happens to shutting the heck up and listen to the ones you support or better still preach your own. Just preach small like this👌.

I Dare Freeze again, Speak against Islamic Clerics when they pass sermons or judgements on their followers or about this Government if you have the Balls.


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