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17-year-old girl killed by her classmate’s father for mocking his son of being gay

A beautiful 17 years old girl killed by her classmate’s father, and the reason why she was killed is not even something very serious. Please keep reading to find out why this beautiful girl was murdered in cold blood by her classmate’s father.

The girl’s name is Thuto Moitsi from Kimberley in South Africa. Everything all started in their school, according to reports, it was gathered that Thuto was making fun of a gay guy who is also her classmate in school. While making fun of him, like play the thing turned to fight between her and the guy. But fortunately for her she defeated the guy in the fight.

Then the guy went home and told his father about what happened. I’m very sure this was just like a classmate play between them but now it has reached the guy’s father. Then, instead of his father to let it go or report to the school authority, but he and his son went after Thuto for revenge.

They finally found Thuto and both of them started beating her up, as the beating was going on, she fell and hit her head on the ground. That’s how this innocent, beautiful young girl died an early death. Just because of ordinary school play that most students do and still come back and reconcile with themselves.

After everything, when the Thuto’s friends were interviewed, see what they said about Thuto below:

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