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Army seen brutalizing a sickle cell person and asking him to die in Asaba, Delta State (Video)

Men of the Nigerian Army has been seen in a viral video shared online brutalizing a sickle cell person and also telling him to die in Asaba, Delta State.

In a short video clip shared online, Army personnels including a female was seen slapping, punching and kicking a young boy who’s offense is yet to be known.

The brother of the guy been beaten could be heard shouting, My brother is a sickler, on hearing that, the soldiers asked him to die.

The person who posted the video said its been like that for a couple of days at Asaba, as men of the Nigerian army and the Civil defense has been harassing young men around the area.

He also confirms having a photo or video from the EndSARS protest on your phone gives you high chances of being arrested.

Watch video below;

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