Boy born with features of monkey and speaking disorder(Photos)

Boy born with features of monkey and speaking disorder is trending online. His physical appearance as made many address him as a monkey in his Community.

At 21, he finds it difficult to interact with people due to his speaking disorder. His inability to stay among human is also surprising.

Mother of the boy said she gave birth to 6 children but all 5 died except the boy who is the sixth child. She confirmed after the death of the fifth child, she prayed for a child to come and stay whether normal or a normal.

The mother complained that rather than staying among humans around him, the boy prefers to run to the Bush. She said she tries to keep a close eye on the boy to avoid looking for him as he will run out of sight missing his way.
She also told interviewers that the boy finds it difficult to feed on normal food. She prepares food for the boy but will return and meet the food intact. He prefers eating grass and banana which gives him a similar features as monkey.
Despite the monkey-like attributes, he also have some human features. He runs errand for his mum and also have an understanding of what is said around him.
This according to the mum was confirmed by the doctor who delivered him. He said the boy will have an understanding of what people will say but not of coping academically.
He faces challenges like been bullied by the children in his Community and sometimes dragged to go feed on grass.


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