Lola Okoye calls out Peter and Paul Okoye for not wishing themselves a happy birthday


Peter and Paul Okoye has one of the quarrels in the entertainment industry that tend to last for long is not between two entertainment couples, it is not between two record label mates, it is not between a manager and colleague but between two brothers.

The one that is even paining me the most is that, thy are not only brother but also twins. Why on Earth will twins keep Malice for this long? Why on Earth will twin who are successful together just wake up one day with the aim of going apart?

Yes today marks the birthday of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye who were once known as P-Square. But one funny thing about this is that Paul only celebrated and wished himself a happy birthday likewise Peter. This shows that there is still something going on between this two. But even if, I think that should not hinder them from celebrating themselves on their birthday. After this incident happened below is what the wife of Mr P posted on her Instagram.

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