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Man born with brittle bone disorder marries love of his life (Photos)

A man born with brittle bone disorder identified as Winston Ben Clements who is a public speaker and culture specialist wed the love of his life

He is confined to a wheelchair because he was born with brittle bone disorder.

Winston  Ben is said to be an inspiring figure and a motivation to many as he did not let his disability take a greater part of him. He gave a talk that he captioned ” The Little Boy With A Big Mission”.

His bride, Mayfair Clement disclosed how they met.

She wrote:

Marry the one you can be all parts of yourself with.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you.

We had just wrapped up our first @tldmmastermind event and we could both feel it in our bones – we’d stumbled on something magic.

After that we talked the whole night, too tired and too connected to filter anything
and for the first time I saw you.

Like really saw you.
Not as the speaker.
Not as the motivator.
Not as the guy in the wheelchair
Not even as my friend.

I saw you.
And I almost couldn’t believe just how beautifully God formed your soul.

We we’re still friends at this time (he was deeeeeep in the friend zone)
But I can’t lie, all I kept thinking was – “wow this man is going to make an incredible dad and husband”

Shortly after Winston finally told me he was feeling me with the killer “I want you on my team forever” line and 9 months later he made it official.

Winston Ben Clements, man born with brittle bones disorder, weds the love of his life, Mayfair Clements (video/photos)

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