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Police arrest two suspects who shared and ate bodies of burnt Police officers

The police has arrested two suspects allegedly involved in the sharing of the roasted body parts of the two police officers who were burned to death by hoodlums during the EndSARS protest in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The 43years old man named Saheed Olalekan Oyebade and the 34years old pregnant women called Oluwakemi Ashabi Adeyemo was identified to be involved in the wicked act.

During the EndSars protest, some individuals allegedly cut and ate pieces of some police officers who were on duty. Others suspects took, wrapped and went home with some parts, as all this wicked act was shown in a video that went viral during the EndSars protest.

This man and woman was spotted in the viral video and was tracked down by security. Both suspects have not deny the fact that they were the ones truly in the video instead they are pointing fingers.

After investigation Saheed Olalekan Oyebade finally revealed that he only provided Oluwakemi Ashabi Adeyemo with a handkerchief to wrap some pieces after she made a request for it.

But surprisingly the female suspect Oluwakemi, she said that she did not take the roasted body parts to eat but only to show them to her neighbors which she regrett ever doing and added by saying that she did not know what came over her

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