Shocking: Meet girl who may die if she baths or touches water

Twelve year old Danielle McCraven may die if she baths or touches water. She is a citizen of Houghton Louisiana.

Dianelle is said to have aquagenic udicaria, an allergy so rare that only about a hundred people is suffering it in the world.

Taking showers or going close to water is so scary because even when she shed tears, heavy break outs are seen on her face and skin. This has been so threatening to her health.


She begins to develop itchy and very painful rash when she goes close to water and is force to carry an Epipen in case she goes into anaphylactic shock.


Her mum, Sari who is aged 39 said: I don’t know what is going through her head because it’s miserable for her. She use to love swimming but was in tears last summer when she couldn’t swim with her friends

She went further to say that the deadly and rare condition can cause to go into anaphylactic shock. It can also get to her lungs which is really life threatening

Danielle is also allergic to all kinds of water. She does not drink bottle, salt or tap water either. She has the water injected into her and also takes drugs whenever she needs to bath. She has to be watched closely if she must be alive.

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