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Lady claims she killed the wife and 3 children of the who impregnated her twice and told her to abort it after finding out he has a family

A lady took to her Facebook page what happened between her and a particular young man that is married with three children and lied to her that he is still single. They dated and even had two abortions for him unknown to her that he has wife and children somewhere. She later found out that […]

Local News

Police officer narrates how his only two children were burnt to death in an Okada accident (Photos)

A retired 64-year-old Assistant Superintendent of Police, Abdul Alkali, has described the tragic death of his two children pictured above. On April 26, his two sons were burned after their motorcycles were involved in an accident. The children Patience (13) and Fate (19) were allegedly burned after an accident at the instigation of some men […]


87-year-old grandfather sells houses he gave to his children after they refused to attend his wedding

An 87-year-old grandfather has sparked outrage on social media after he sold off houses and parcels of land which he had initially given to his children. Simon Kamakia from Arusha, Tanzania, said he took the awkward decision after his own children failed to attend his wedding. According to reports, the new 40-year-old wife compelled the […]


Meet the African man who gave birth to 281 children from 47 wives (Photo)

A man who gave birth to 281 children with only 156 alive has been buried after he died of prostate cancer. About a thousand mourners and sympathisers flouted Angolan president João Lourenço’s directive banning large gatherings – as a measure to curtail the spread of coronavirus – to pay their last respects to Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo, the man who fathered 281 […]


Man cries bitterly after he discovered the two boys he has been training for over 2 decades are not his children but his wife ex lover children

A Nigerian man have cried out and is seeking advice after discovering his two eldest children, 23 and 20 years of age respectively are actually not his. These are kids he was working hard to raise, spending huge money to send them to school in Canada. Apparently they rather belong to his wife’s ex-lover. The […]